No Roof Left Behind App Reviews

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Great way to help

This app is an awesome way to help people in your community, and others. 👍

Good way too help

This is a great way to benefit the community, the app works great.

Great concept!

When I heard about this from my local roofing contractor, I had to check it out. A free roof for a needy family from my community and I can load photos and tell their story right from my phone. Intuitive and easy to use. Great idea with a noble purpose. Can't wait to nominate someone. And it's free, what's not to like.

... love your neighbor as yourself.’

This is a great way to follow the 2nd command. You've really streamlined the process of helping someone in need. Now I can take this chirping and beeping doohickey, that's always with me, out of my pocket and do something truly meaningful with it. Thanks for helping me fulfill my Christian obligation to "love my neighbor."

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